Synthetic Biology CDT All Cohorts event


SynBioCDT All Cohorts Event

24th June 2022, Worcester College, Oxford


9:00 - 9:30am             Arrival and Registration

9:30 - 11:00am            Session 1 

  • Jesus Siller (O, 2016) The role of CD2 in recognition of weak antigens and its implications for Adoptive Cell Transfer
  • Joel Spratt (O, 2014) Tuning the insulin receptor signalling pathway response using insulin-DNA origami nanoparticles
  • Andrea Vernon (W, 2014) Data integration for drug discovery

11:00-11:30am            Break (Coffee, Tea and Biscuits) 

11:30-13:00pm            Session 2 

  • Alex Darlington (W, 2014) Design of growth-production switches for enhanced biomanufacture
  • Henry Lloyd-Laney (O, 2017) Computational interrogation of metalloprotein electrochemistry for the purposes of rational mutation
  • Simeon Castle (B, 2018) Engineering Evolvability in Genetic Logic Circuits

13:00-14:00pm            Lunch + Poster Session

14:00-15:30pm            Session 3 

  • Marlene Rothe (W, 2018) Exploring epoxyketone synthases and their biosynthetic potential 
  • Cansu Kuey (W, 2017) Reconstitution of intracellular clathrin-coated vesicle formation
  • Peter Johnson (O/B, 2016) Bioprinting as a platform for colorectal cancer tumour spheroids

15:30-16:00pm            Break (Coffee, Tea and Biscuits) + Poster session

16:00-17:30pm            Session 4 

  • Iulia Gherman (W, 2014) Science in the Civil Service
  • Paulina Dubiel (B, 2018) Computational design of photoactive de novo flavoproteins
  • Natalie Morris (B, 2018) Developing a Computational Pharmacokinetic Model of Systemic Snakebite Envenomation and Treatment

17:30pm                      Panel Discussion 

19:00-19:30                 Pre-dinner drinks

19:30                           Dinner in Hall